What We Do

Since 1981 AEFI has provided funding to Amesbury schools for a variety of projects. Every penny contributed stays in our community to help guarantee an excellent education for our children, leading to higher quality jobs and an enhanced quality of life for generations to come. To date, AEFI has awarded over $800,000 in Grants to Amesbury School educators!

Funds raised by the Foundation are primarily distributed in the form of grants to teachers and administrators using a competitive grant process. Educators submit proposals for programming inside their classrooms. Proposals are encouraged which demonstrate innovation, are collaborative, have a potentially broad impact upon the school district and support the mission, objectives and strategies of the Amesbury Public Schools’ Strategic Plan. All proposals must promote rigor, provide challenge for all students and enrich students’ education. However, AEFI channels money to deserving teachers, students, and programs in several ways:

Raise funds from private sources by (1) sponsoring fund-raising events, (b) partnering with outside organizations, (c) encouraging tax deductible* donations of cash, life insurance policies, stock and securities, property, memorial gifts or planned giving from members of the community.

Administer Restricted Funds and Scholarships established by individuals who wish to direct their gifts or memorial donations to a particular area of educational interest.

Please visit our Online Donations Center to view the many giving opportunities available through AEFI. Talk with your financial advisor about the best way for you to contribute. We invite you to help us provide and promote continued excellence in education for Amesbury Public School children.

*Some gifts and bequests may qualify for both federal income tax and estate tax deductions. AEFI is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, recognized under 26 U.S.C., 501(c)(3). Gifts of appreciated property may avoid capital gains taxes. Our employer identification number is 04-2768268.