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AEFI Grants Program General Information

AEFI Grant Scoring Rubric for All Grants


Spring Grants and Awards

2018 Hall of Honor Nomination FormNominations closed for 2018, 2019 due February 8th

2018 Spring Grant ApplicationApplications closed for 2018, 2019 due April 8th

Dr. Stephen Gerber “Stroke of Genius” Award for Educational LeadershipNominations closed for 2018 – Note: They will be handed in a sealed envelope to the building principal, or to Carol Bartlett in Central Office. Nominations will be collected by AEFI Grant Committee members.


Fall Grants and Awards

SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Grant ($10,000)Applications due October 22nd, 2018

AEFI Fall Grant ($5000)Applications due October 22nd, 2018

Peter Gray AwardNominations accepted anytime. Awarded at Autumn Evening of Giving.


Sustaining Grants

“Spruce it up” Grant Application: (Ongoing)
AEFI has added a “Spruce It Up” Mini-Grant to support and maintain past grants.
Click here to submit an online application.

HAVE YOU BEEN AWARDED A GRANT? If so, use the link below to request funds.

Click here to find the AEFI Grant Purchase Order on the Amesbury Public Schools website. The purchase order link is the third item listed on the page.
You must complete one form per vendor for equipment or services funded by the grant. Ralph Noon is AEFI’s Grant Coordinator, and his contact information is located on the purchase order.


To see what types of programs have already received our support, you can read about our past AEFI grant recipients.


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