Hall of Honor Recipients

2022 Honorees
 Dr. Jessica Cassavaugh (former student – AHS Class of 2000)
Billie McLane (former educator)
Jason Regis (friend of education)

2021 Honorees
 Dr. Jacqueline Bastien (former student – AHS Class of 1986)
Beverly Peeke (former educator)
Florence Kennedy (friend of education)

2019 Honorees
Joseph P. Kardek, Jr. (former student – AHS Class of 1978)
Barbara Leary (educator)
Kathleen Crowley (friend of education)

2018 Honorees
John Meeks (former student – AHS Class of 1982)
Patty Hoyt (former educator)
Laurie Knapp (friend of education)

2017 Honorees
Graham McKay (former student – AHS Class of 1997)
Peter Hoyt (former educator)
Joan Miller (friend of education)

2016 Honorees
Brendan Morrissey (former student – AHS Class of 1986)
Linda Young (former educator)
Tom Hanshaw (friend of education)

2015 Honorees
Christopher Gwinn (former student – AHS Class of 2002)
Jean and Glen Peterson (former educators)
Madelyn Gray (former educator)

2014 Honorees
Carol Bartlett (friend of education)
Peter Randall (former student)
Maria Ferrandini (former educator)

2013 Honorees
Brad Ford (friend of education)
Cathy Toomey (friend of education)
Kristy Nelson (former student)
Beverly Gulazian (former educator)

2012 Honorees
Ozzie Morrill (friend of education)
Maurice Sevigny (former student)
Barbara Foster (former educator)

2011 Honorees
Deborah Smith (friend of education)
Jay Gould (former student)
Luke Parkin (former student)

2010 Honorees
Julia Phelps (friend of education)
Karin Martin (former student)
Glen Bourque (former student)

2009 Honorees
Barbara Bode (friend of education)
Shawn Talbott (former student)
Jeffrey Donovan (former student)

2008 Honorees
Michael Costello (former student)
Marlene Schroeder (former educator)
Woodbury Cammett (friend of education)

2007 Honorees
Brian Lees (former student)
Leo Dupere (former educator)
George French (friend of education)

2006 Honorees
Brenda Dodier Dingwall, rocket scientist (former student)
Bertram D. Fecteau (former educator)
Ronald Fuller (friend of education)

2005 Honorees
Coast Guard Commander Eric Brown (former student)
Gladys Turnquist (former educator)
Harriett Gould (friend of education)

2004 Honorees
Margaret Messner Chastel (former student)
William Messner, Ph.D. (former student)
Ellen Messner Rogers, DVD (former student)
Margaret Nally (friend of education)

2003 Honorees
Morton F. Goldberg, MD (former student)
Gail Kelleher (former educator)
Teresa Axten (friend of education)