AEFI Overview

“The mission of the Amesbury Education Foundation, Inc. (AEFI) is to enhance and broaden community support for education in the Amesbury Public Schools. AEFI supports innovative, creative, challenging projects or programs that broaden and enrich educational experiences for students and educators by supplementing public funding.”

The Amesbury Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that is independent of the Amesbury Public Schools. Our Board of Directors represents a cross section of business leaders, parents, community volunteers and educators who have a passion for creating a second-to-none learning environment for Amesbury students.

AEFI was founded in 1981 to provide financial and material support to the Public Schools of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Edward Messner, M.D., a school committee member at the time, is credited with being the Founder of AEFI. Other Amesbury citizens and educators involved with AEFI from its beginning were Peter and Madelyn Gray, Dave and Barbara Bailey, Malcolm and Sally McKay, Boyd and Linda Allen, Joan Bibaud, Carolee and William Lord.

For six years – 1989-1994 – the organization sponsored an art show that featured local adult artists. The artists selling these works generously donated 40% of the proceeds to AEFI. Funds raised at this event allowed AEFI to give monetary donations to the Amesbury Teacher Excellence Awards, grant scholarships for students to attend summer art institutes and sponsor a youth art show. AEFI also provided funding for the current playground at the Amesbury Elementary School as well as numerous cultural events for elementary students.

Those who worked on the Amesbury Public Schools’ Strategic Plan recognized the importance and value of an organization such as AEFI. As a result, revitalization efforts began in the fall of 2001. Our mission remains the same: to provide financial and material support to Amesbury’s Public Schools so that all children have the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their hopes and dreams.